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Biography: Historical, political and Military

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The Tin Ring:
And How I Cheated Death
Zdenka Fantlová

A peaceful childhood in pre-war Czechoslovakia was one of great happiness. 70 years ago this year, she was given a homemade tin ring by her first love Arno. When he gave her the ring he said, ‘That’s for our engagement. And to keep you safe’. Arno was sent East and she never saw him again. After surviving 6 concentration camps, risking her life for the tin ring and death marches Zdenka found herself, in the last chaotic days of the war, at the hell that was Bergen Belsen. Just skin and bone, crippled by typhoid and unable to walk she crawled to a Red Cross post. There she was saved by an unknown British soldier to whom the book is dedicated.

The Author

Now 90, Zdenka Fantlova is one of the few living eye-witnesses to the horror of the Holocaust, to which she lost her entire family. For as long as she lives Zdenka is determined to tell her inspiring story of great love, one as uplifting as it is harrowing, to as many people as possible. Zdenka still keeps the tin ring, the symbol of Arno’s love, close to her to this day.

"An incredible story."
BBC Breakfast

"Zdenka Fantlová and her story made a lasting impression. She survived six concentration camps, endured horrors the like of which most of us can’t begin to comprehend, yet never lost the will to live or her optimism for a better future. During her time in the camps she kept a little tin ring, made for her by her boyfriend. She risked her life to keep this humble object that meant so much to her. Her boyfriend did not survive the camps. But Zdenka’s love for him and the tin ring did."
Fiona Bruce, BBC TV

"A sweet, unforgettable memoir ..."
Publisher’s Weekly

"Powerful, driving and memorable, The Tin Ring is both harrowing and enlightening, a must read."
Lifestyle Magazine

"...occupies an outstanding place among the memoirs of Jews who were fighting for their naked lives... and goes into the changes of a human psyche in contact with death... Her writing is far removed from any sentimentality... she was inspired by an indestructible will to live through faith and endeavouring to remain a human being."
Petr Kucera, Prague Zeitung