Thinking about submitting a book proposal?

If you are thinking about submitting a proposal for a book to be published by McNidder & Grace, please take time to read this page and our FAQ's (in the right column) to make sure your title is appropriate for McNidder & Grace and to understand how we process book proposals.

How to submit a book proposal to McNidder & Grace

As a new publisher we get many proposals and to be able to keep track of them and to make the proposal evaluation process seamless and fast we have put this guide together for authors.

1) Fill out the ‘Book Proposal Form' which is downloadable (see link below).

BookProposalForm.doc BookProposalForm.doc
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2) Submit 1-3 sample chapters. These can be from any point in the book, it is highly recommended that you send chapters that give an overall feel for the book.

3) Proposals can be submitted via emailing or by mailing them to the following address:

Andrew Peden Smith
McNidder & Grace
16A Bridge Street, Carmarthen
Wales SA31 3JS


McNidder & Grace publishes a wide variety of non-fiction titles and are also moving into publishing fiction titles. We currently publish books on Art, Photography, Biographies, Music, Outdoor Pursuits and Crime fiction. We are also interested in proposals for travel titles. Our currently published titles are available at our Catalogue page.

Q – What does McNidder & Grace require from potential authors?

We will require the author to fill out an ‘Book Proposal Form' with basic information that can be downloaded on the link on the left column, under step 1, and 1-3 sample chapters that give an overall feel of the book. These will help us to be able to consider book proposals more effectively.

Q – How long does it usually take for McNidder & Grace to review a book proposal?

We are currently trying to speed up the process in which we review a book proposal. At the moment it can take 1-2 months to review a book proposal during busy times for the press. For example, the period between September and December is McNidder & Grace's busiest release schedule, so proposals sent during this time may not get a response until mid-January.

Q – What happens if the book gets commissioned?

Prior to commissioning the author will be given a full author questionnaire to complete. This is more comprehensive than the initial author questionnaire filled out during the proposal process.

Once the proposal has been accepted contract will be sent out to the author for consideration and signing.

During this time the author and the publisher will discuss a variety of issues for the book including; book design, release date, publicity and other issues.

When the final manuscript is sent to McNidder & Grace, it will then be copy-edited and proof read and all issues that may arise will be discussed with the author.

Before and after publication, McNidder & Grace will send out publicity materials and contact people within the media to obtain reviews of the book. McNidder & Grace is usually quite successful with this and have had many of its recent titles featured in the national press and media.

Q – How long will my book stay in print?

McNidder & Grace keeps titles in print (physical books) for at least 3 years after initial publication. If we recieve the rights for Ebooks these version(s) will stay available indefinitely.

Q – Do I receive royalties for my book once published?

Yes. These royalties are paid once every 6 months.

Q – Can I buy copies of my book directly from McNidder & Grace?

We offer copies to authors at 50% discount off Regular Retail Price (RRP).

Q – Will my book be available in overseas markets?

We have distributors and sales reps in place who cover the UK, Ireland, Europe, Asia and North American markets. Our Ebooks are also distributed worldwide. We are currently looking to expand into other English language territories.

Q – Will my book be translated into other languages?

We actively pursue rights sales in a number of foreign language territories.

Q – I have a question that has not been covered by the FAQ’s. Who would be able to help answer this?

If you have a question that has not be answered by the FAQ’s, please contact:
Andrew Peden Smith
Q – What type of books do McNidder & Grace publish?

McNidder & Grace's main focus is currently on publishing biographies, popular music titles and crime fiction.