ISBN: 978-1-904794-35-6
Price: £7.99
Format: Paperback
Size: 198 x 129mm
Extent: 288pp
Music: Biography

Rock and Roll Tourist
Graham Forbes

After his much acclaimed book Rock and Roll Mountains, Graham Forbes returns with Rock and Roll Tourist. A combination of Billy Connolly meets Bill Bryson, Rock and Roll Tourist is a hugely entertaining mix of travel, rock music and humour.

Rock and Roll Tourist is a travel book with a difference. Graham Forbes takes us on a roller-coaster ride around the UK, Europe and the USA. The book features Franz Ferdinand, Rod Stewart, Hayseed Dixie, Anthrax, BB King, Incredible String Band, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others. It is a very funny, occasionally disturbing, sometimes moving book. 

The Author

Graham Forbes has been a musician for many years, playing with all sorts of bands from the Incredible String band to the Rezillos (the latter for about 2 hours!). When he was young Graham dreamed of playing football for Partick Thistle. But he was hopeless. Fortunately when he was 13 he heard the Stones, bought an electric guitar for £7 and has been playing in bands ever since. Graham will play with anyone, any time, anywhere, from a bus shelter to a festival.

“Funny in the Spinal Tap sense, such as when in Florida the fattest lady he has ever seen offers him her body at a BB King concert. But music is his primary interest and his love of rock 'n' roll is warming.”
Daily Mail

“Some gloriously written tales of excess, sadness and glory (think Bill Bryson or Nick Hornby, but without the smugness). The kind of book you’ll read aloud to people. Excellent.”
Guitar & Bass Magazine
“A cracking book.”
Glasgow Herald
“An incredibly entertaining book – would make a great road movie. I highly recommend it, really makes you feel you are on the tour bus.” 
Gerry Ryan, RTE Dublin
“A glimpse into the life of a touring band…the humour, stories and tales of life on the road, from Jerry Lee Lewis to Aerosmith. Forbes manages to capture the special relationship between the band and the crowd. An entertaining mix of travel, rock music and humour.”
Bass Guitar Magazine
 “I've loved reading Graham Forbes – a real adventure guide for the imagination even if you have never made a journey....all you need is the right size bag and fresh underwear.”
Sue Marchant, BBC Cambridge
“A brilliant read!” 
Billy Rankine, Rock Radio
“This is where armchair traveller becomes armchair rocker!  Graham took me to countries and concerts I never even dreamed I would go to – a fantastic Rock ‘n Roll journey!”
Carolyn Stewart, Radio U105 Belfast
Janice Forsyth, BBC Scotland
“Travel Guide with a difference. Graham brings out the best in Rock. A compulsive read - hard to put down.”
Pam and Peter Jay, Gulf Radio, Qatar
“There is much here to remind us to keep an open mind and just keep going – it’s never too late to learn.”
Robert Gwyn Palmer, Birmingham Life
“I could not put it down.”
Gareth Angel, Radio BRFM
“A welcome departure from the generic pontificating of a lot of music literature, Glaswegian-born Forbes writes candidly about the experiences and passions he shares with a bewildering assortment of musicians along his travels. From Aerosmith in Florida to Wet Wet Wet in Stirling, the balance between travelogue and musical tenacity is so precise that Tourist could quite easily be deemed The Rough Guide to Rock and Roll.”
The Isolationist

“Tall tales, mishaps and adventures are brought to life through the author’s wry observations, with some weird and wonderful insights.”
The Times (North East)

“Forbes’s obvious enthusiasm for rock ‘n’ roll and the troubadour lifestyle is matched by his obvious zeal for storytelling.”
Premier Guitar