ISBN: 978-0-85716-001-0
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Format: Hardback
Size: 250mm x 195mm
Extent: 176pp
Illustrations: 37 colour & 106 b/w
Sports: Hobbies

Hunting with Air Rifles:
The Complete Guide
Mathew Manning

Hunting with air rifles is one of the simplest and most effective methods of humane pest control. Whether culling rats and crows around the farmyard, protecting crops from pigeons or hunting rabbits for the table, airguns offer a relatively inexpensive and unrestricted passport to the world of shooting.

Here, Mathew Manning covers all aspects of hunting with air rifles, from gun shop to kitchen, with an emphasis on safe, responsible shooting. Starting with the basics of choosing the right gun, clothing and accessories for the job, through the shooting technique and advanced tactics including stalking, decoying, lamping and hide building, Mathew provides valuable information for newcomers and experienced shooters alike.

The author also gives an insight into the habits of the main airgun quarry species, unlocking the secrets of the relationship between wildlife, the countryside and the changing seasons – the key to successful hunting.

Mathew’s clear guidance on game preparation and easy-to-follow recipes demonstrate how free-range meat resulting from a successful day in the field can then be turned into a wholesome meal.

The Author

Mathew Manning lives in Somerset and has been a keen air rifle shooter for more than 20 years – taking his first shot at age of about ten. As a leading writer on the subject, he contributes monthly features in Air Gunner and Sporting Rifle magazines and has regular features in Countryman’s Weekly and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) magazine (Shooting and Conservation).

"This new publication is, without doubt, one of the most authoritative to be made on the subject and now sits... in my personal airgunning book case, where it deservedly takes pride of place for its literary brilliance."
Airgun Shooter

"Mathew doesn't waste words there's no jargon, no bull, just a huge amount of good sense and years of experience from someone who knows air gunning inside out and can write about it clearly with real insight."
Shooting and Conservation