ISBN: 978-0-85716-032-4
RRP: £24.99
Format: Hardback
Size: 240 x 240mm
Extent: 96pp
Illustrations: 56 b/w photographs
Photograph Collections:
Photograph Reportage

Fading Light:
Portraits of Centenarians
Chris Steele-Perkins

It was the amazing statistic that there are over 10,000 people aged over 100 in the UK that grabbed Chris Steele-Perkins’ attention – and that number is growing rapidly. The Office of National Statistics predicts that 5% of people alive today in the UK will live to be over 100. That is 3 million people.

However, this book is not about statistics and the implications, it is about the people. In Fading Light Chris creates a portrait of this new generation with beautiful photographs and moving interviews. They are a mixed bunch of people who have seen many changes throughout their lives and who have their own personal stories to tell.

Fading Light is a moving book which highlights a special group of people who are part of the growing band of centenarians.

The Author

Chris Steele-Perkins is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning Magnum photographer whose assignments have taken him around the world. Born in Burma in 1947 he moved to England when he was two. His books include The Teds (1979), Beirut: The Frontline Story (1983), The Pleasure Principle (1989), Afghanistan (2000), Tokyo Love Hello (2007) Northern Exposures (2007) and England, My England (2009).