ISBN: 978-0-85716-018-8
Price: £8.99

Format: Paperback

Size: 129mm x 198mm

Extent: 180pp

Illustrations: TBA

Biography: Arts and Entertainment (BGF)

Graham Forbes

Graham Forbes is back to make musicians fall over laughing again with his humorous new book, Busker. Written in his unique and funny style, Forbes takes us to another unique part of a musicians life, to busk with other musicians you may never have met in your life.

A busker is a wee guy (or woman) who plays on the streets for tips. In bands, to busk, means to bluff your way through a song that you haven’t rehearsed with whomever you happen to be standing onstage. Often, you have never played it before. Sometimes you might not have even heard the song before. When there is a big crowd in front of you, listening to every note, that can be fun...

The Author

Graham Forbes is an author, musician (playing with all sorts of bands from the Incredible String Band to the Rezillos) and rock climber. A consummate entertainer, he is passing on his knowledge by managing his son’s band, Darkwater. With homes in Glasgow and America, he still travels across the world to catch a gig – if the band’s good enough.