McNidder & Grace is an independent publishing house which publishes high-quality non-fiction with McNidder & Grace Crime publishing original crime fiction titles.
With a particular emphasis on popular culture it is the home of vibrant books on music, photography, art, biography, and crime fiction. We aim to publish popular, beautiful, and engaging books of the highest quality in terms of content and production. 
With striking covers as well as stunning photographs the successful and critically acclaimed books by the former President of Magnum Photos the photographer Chris Steele-Perkin’s (England, My England) and Simon Wheatley (Don’t Call Me Urban! The Time of Grime) are highlights of our photography list in McNidder & Grace.


THE SHIFT (Published 23 June 2016) by R.J Mitchell is an exceptionally gritty thriller and one that will transport the reader back to the summer of 1989 and is based on the author's experiences after he joined Strathclyde Police on July 31, 1989. It is interwoven with a fictionalised account of the Ice Cream War and the Northern Ireland troubles spilling into Glasgow. 
Drawing heavily from his experiences as a Glasgow cop Mitchell has created the critically acclaimed and award nominated DS Thoroughgood detective series. 


FRANK SINATRA: AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE by Spencer Leigh (Published 5 October 2015) is a definitive account of Frank Sinatra's life and career. With unique material and exclusive interviews with fellow musicians, promoters and friends, the acclaimed author Spencer Leigh has written a compelling biography of one of the world s biggest stars. With remarkable stories about Sinatra on every page, and an exceptional cast of characters, readers will wonder how Sinatra ever found time to make records. If this book were a work of fiction, most people would think it far-fetched.


PRECIOUS STATEMENTS JOHN DONALD : DESIGNER AND JEWELLER by John Donald & Russell Cassleton Elliot (Published 5 November 2015) is a unique book which tells the story of John Donald, British Jeweller, designer and goldsmith, from his early days at art college to establishing a successful business in London and Geneva and an international reputation. In over 50 years he has been recognised as a pioneering and radical designer and craftsmen with his work capturing the late twentieth century ideals of glamour and modernity. 
Lavishly illustrated, comprehensive and exquisitely designed, PRECIOUS STATEMENTS includes a series of stunning images showcasing Donald's most stylish icons.  


HOT OFF THE PRESS! - SIMON AND GARFUNKEL : TOGETHER ALONE by Spencer Leigh (published 22 September 2016). 
'Early on in their relationship Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel realised two things. Firstly, the world liked them working together. Secondly, they didn't.'  With exclusive interviews with fellow musicians, promoters and those who knew them, and with much unique material, this is the most definitive account of Simon and Garfunkel and their careers to date. 


THE DEEDS OF THE DEVIL : THE FIRST DARK DRAGON THRILLER by Helen Noble is a chilling insight into the mind of a sadistic and calculating killer who preys upon the elderly and vulnerable residents of Swansea. DS Ally McCready,  a troubled detective who has recently returned to her hometown, is tasked with finding the unexpected and unlikely serial killer. 
With very little physical evidence left at the crime scenes McCready relies upon her expertise in psychology to delve into the dark underbelly of human behaviour to seek leads that others may have missed and in the process, hopefully, save lives. 


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