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Highlights by the acclaimed musical biographer Spencer Leigh includes Elvis Presley, Simon & Garfunkel and Frank Sinatra. Crime fiction is led by the best selling author Torquil MacLeod with the Anita Sundstrom mysteries. We are also proud to publish The Tin Ring by Holocaust survivor Zdenka Fantlova, a compelling and timely memoir that deserves to be read.
Photography by the Magnum photographer Chris Steele-Perkin’s, England, My England. Top of the Pops published in collaboration with the BBC. 
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MALICE IN MALMÖ by Torquil MacLeod

When a leading Malmö entrepreneur turns up bound and gagged, the Skane County Police have no obvious clues as to who is behind the kidnap. Inspector Anita Sundström and her colleagues are under pressure not only to find the victim, but also catch the gang. Warring companies... fallen celebrities... and an adversary from a past case reappears on the scene as Anita Sundström tries to find the truth in this sixth full-length Malmö Mystery.

20,000 MILES by Christopher Fenwick 

If today, a group of young men had decided to emulate this odyssey, they would probably only have managed a part of the journey. Conflict and bureaucracy would have barred their entry to many of the countries they tried to cross. However, in 1960, three young Cambridge graduates bought themselves an Austin A40 and set off on a marathon trip via Colombo to attend a friend s wedding in Cape Town. They took the long way there. Christopher Fenwick, along with his friends Robin Gaunt and John Maclay, set off across continents on the motoring adventure of their lives through Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Their staple diet was Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie, usually eaten at the roadside. They even meet old schoolfriends along the way in Iran and had tea with Mr. Nehru, the Indian Prime Minister, with his daughter Indira Gandhi and grandson Rajiv who were to follow in his footsteps. Their loyal saloon car suffered the ravages of potholed roads and mountains but friendly mechanics always came to their rescue, while the men soon became quite adept themselves at repairing and cannibalising the vehicle as it suffered various breakdowns en route. Eventually they made it to Ceylon from where they embarked for the last leg of their trip by boat via the Yemen, flying from there to Ethiopia and onwards through Africa to raise a glass of champagne in Cape Town.


His career was full of controversy and ELVIS PRESLEY: CAUGHT IN A TRAP sorts the facts from fiction. What separated him from his contemporaries, his bizarre relationship with his manager Colonel Parker, just how old was Priscilla when they first met, how did he reinvent himself for Las Vegas, did he have to die so young, and why does his legend endure? 

To answer these questions Spencer Leigh spoke to band members, songwriters, friends, fans and many people who worked with the King, and he examines the evidence with the scrutiny of a forensic scientist.



This book is a definitive account of Frank Sinatra's life and career. With unique material and exclusive interviews with fellow musicians, promoters and friends, the acclaimed author Spencer Leigh has written a compelling biography of one of the world s biggest stars. With remarkable stories about Sinatra on every page, and an exceptional cast of characters, readers will wonder how Sinatra ever found time to make records. If this book were a work of fiction, most people would think it far-fetched.


by Spencer Leigh 

'Early on in their relationship Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel realised two things. Firstly, the world liked them working together. Secondly, they didn't.'  With exclusive interviews with fellow musicians, promoters and those who knew them, and with much unique material, this is the most definitive account of Simon and Garfunkel and their careers to date. 


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MALICE IN MALMÖ is the sixth in a series of best-selling crime mysteries featuring Inspector Anita Sundström. Over 400,000 copies of the books in this series have been sold since 2013.